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Who are U NOT to be Gorgeous, Brilliant, Talented & Fabulous!

TODAY Is NOT Promised!

You don't have to be a Woman OR a Black Woman to resonate with what Viola Davis said, so eloquently and so real, in her #OscarSpeech2017. However, being a black woman, who also spent many childhood years living in the projects of #OmahaNe on #welfare and #Foodstamps, raised by a powerfully Strong; yet sensitive #singleparent - THEY told me I would:

. Not graduate from High School

. End up with a house full of children AND become a welfare recipient

. Not have what it took to be an actress

. Hadn't lived enough to write, produce and perform in an NAACP-Nominated 1-woman show; let alone take it across the pond to Edinburgh, Scotland

. Create and Executive Produce a children's fitness variety show starring Josh Duhamel

. Create a "FaithBased Movement" Run...PRAY...Heal, with every intention of running and praying around the WORLD for the Health and happiness of others.

I state facts, not to brag and boast, however, to remember. Like, Viola, I had and still have a DREAM. Dreams are coming true at every age and stage of our lives. Viola Davis's career didn't take off until well into her 40's. Surely, you still have time to #manifestTheLifeYouwant

WE bettah NOT let any man or woman speak defeat in our lives.

Congratulations Viola Davis. Because you, too, are a Black woman of #AfricanAncestory - I can relate and resonate with you. I am proud of your accomplishment to society and to the Entertainment Industry.







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