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When I step out of my Comfort Zone!

Using your FEAR to Fuel your wishes, dreams and desires!

I am NOT a night person. That's the story I've created about myself. I like to be in bed early, around 10:30 pm; so that I can rise and shine bright and early between 6:00 and 7:00 am. With the impending heat and humidity that is a guarantee in Orlando, Fl - I will be rising around 5:00am; in order to get my Run...PRAY...Heal in without passing out from heat stroke. Oh! I'm also NOT a fan of hot weather and humidity. Love will have you doing some crazy __ish! Tha is NOT a story I've created about myself. That is the TRUTH! I am my BEST between the hours of 6:00-ish and 2:30PM. I am on FIRE! My creative juices are flowing at a rapid pace; which makes me feel freakin-A unstoppable.

When in Rome; do what the Romans do. Having recently relocated to Orlando, Fl from Los Angeles; I am realizing in order to connect with like-minded peeps - I just may have to find my tribe moving and shaking in the night time hours. I have to do things different from what I did in LA. After all, I was  26 years old when I relocated from Houston, Tx to La. Being somewhat self-employed; yet mostly UNEMPLOYED - I am forcing myself to step outside of my comfort zone; which means getting uncomfortable.

Several nights ago, I was invited to attend the first "Collective" meeting in Downtown, Orlando. I looked at this as an opportunity to connect with leaders in the non-profit and social change arena. To be on the safe side, I convinced myself that it would be one of those typical mixers. That way - I wouldn't be tied to the result of it ending badly. Now, you have to understand something about me. I don't do networking mixers. I don't like them. They are a total waste of time. People are usually there for the FREE offerings of whatever is being offered. They are there to remain connected with the already friends that they invited; as opposed to venturing out and making a true and sincere effort to make a new connection... a new alliance...a new friend. Another story I've created perhaps. Could all of these assumptions I've made be my own stuff coming up? Things that make me go, HUM!!

It was a really nice function and gathering of like-minded people. The room was buzzing with high energy people looking to make a real connection with as many people as they could. Networking works when people work the networking platform that is provided to them. My take away is, whenever you step outside of your comfort zone and allow yourself to dyspel the stories you've created - the World will open up to your greatest desires.

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