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What's Your LOVE Language?

Who and What does it for you?

What's your Love Language?

It could be everyone around you and no one at all. I don't go a day without speaking someone's "Love Language", from giving a:

. Compliment

. Hug

. Back Rub

. Small gift as a token of appreciation

Whether you know it or not - your acts of service, gift giving, physical touch and the words of affirmation that you share with someone could possibly make their day. I find myself complimenting people, on a daily basis, whether it is my boyfriend, my sister, my dear friends and especially strangers. I love AFFIRMING who people really are; which are Awesome spiritual beings having a human experience?

Yesterday, while at work - YES! I said work. I got a job. lol! My interim supervisor, a young 20-something year old young man called me up to his desk for a coaching session and said to me, "I hope this doesn't come off CREEPY; but you have the MOST AMAZING...AMAZING and I mean AMAZING smile." "Whenever I see you - your smile brightens up the room." I am paraphrasing. He said something to this effect. He then asked me if I was at the opening of the film "GirlsTrip" at the Waterford Lakes Regal Cinemas in Orlando last weekend?" To that I said "Yes. "I was there" He tells me that he recognized me by my smile; NOT my bald head, but my smile. My jaws began to hurt, because my already existing smile seemed to deepen. I was so flattered. In that moment, I knew I  looked like my mother. I was wearing my mother's smile. Growing up - people would often tell my sister that she looked like our mother. I believe it was only because she was closer in complexion to our mother than I was. However, the older I got, and the closer I became to my mother, I saw my face in hers. I saw my smile in her smile. I recall my mother and I leaving a grocery store in Los Angeles, when a man came up to us and said to my mother, "Sis, you have a beautiful smile," She began smiling even harder. I asked her, "Momma - do you know that man?" To that she quipped, 'Naw, I aint never seen that man in my life," I confirmed his sentiments by telling my mother, that she really does have a pretty smile. Today I realize that one of my mother's "Love Languages" was (AFFIRMATIONS)

WHO is Affirming you?

I didn't know that I had dimples until I was around 10 years old. I was being escorted to the principal's office, by my 5th grade school teacher, Mrs. Harold. We were approaching the principal, a very tall, slender woman, with a hard edge to her face. My teacher looked down at me and I looked up at her and began to giggle. I'm not sure why; however, in that moment, the principal stopped, knelt down towards me and said, "My goodness, you have beautiful dimples." I thought this is a joke. What the freak is happening here. My teacher, Mrs. Harold, then said - "You should smile more." I retorted, "What - just walk around with a goofy smile on my face." "I'll look silly." Mrs. Harold then said, "It might mean less trips to the principal's office though." Maybe I knew I had dimples prior to the age of 10; however, I didn't fully realize their impact until that moment, in that hallway with that principal and that teacher.

Are U MISTAKING a Compliment 4 a Come on!

Shortly after receiving that beautiful compliment affirming that my outside is matching up with the inside, another man, at my work place said to me; while passing one another in the hallway. "Wow, you always dress so nice." Now, this man has said this very same thing to me before; which simply further confirms that putting ones best foot forward does not fall on closed eyes.


Neither of these men were flirting with me - they were simply making an observation and exhibiting the courage to share it with me. For that I say, Bravo and thank you for your acknowledgement, confirmation and awareness. And thank you for speaking my Love Language; as words of "Affirmation" are definitely high on my list.

LOVE Is The New Commodity

Knowing someone's "LOVE "Language" isn't exclusive to intimate relationships reserved for couples or married folk. They are as important for parent-child, friends, co-worker/colleauge and siblings to know what their loved one's "Love Language" is and how to speak it.

According to Gary Chapman, New York Times Best Selling Author of "The 5 Love Languages; has a belief that "WE refuse to face the obvious fact that most of us spend our lives trying to FIND Love, trying to Live in it and Dying without EVERY truly discovering it...LOVE that is."

Those (5) LOVE Languages are:

. Words of Affirmation

. Quality Time

. Physical Touch

. Receiving Gifts

. Acts of Service

When you Love SELF - it makes it that much easier to Love others; even strangers. Ask yourself, HOW can you Be... Do ... Have and Share more Love in the world?

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