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Oh! Driver - WHY I love Uber!

HOW to learn tons about a person in 4-5 min ride

Fear - Get Thee Behind Me!

Whenever someone uses the word FEAR - I instantly begin to itch and twitch. Seriously. Some may see this as being unrealistic; however, I chose to create my reality.

Fear - Get Thee Behind me!

My Uber drive arrived this morning to remind me of HOW powerful I am. I gave up my jeep wrangler in 2012; without knowing HOW I would get around Los Angeles, Ca - yet knowing that I would create a way. Fear crept in a couple of times and then i said to that fear, "Fear - get thee behind me." And it did.

Are you fearful of making NEW friends?

It's amazing how much you can learn and share with a total stranger in a short, 4-5 minute car ride. My Uber driver shared with me that he is a stay at home grandfather to an 8-year old granddaughter; who is more like his daughter; as he and his wife have raised her since she was born. He drives Uber pretty much full time and loves it. He enjoys driving and loves meeting people. I have to add that I love that he had a tip jar in his car. YES! There' s a saying "You gotta ask for the sale." There is another saying, "A closed mouth doesn't get fed." This guy is total people person; like myself. He also enjoys driving with Uber for the opportunities it provides to connect with people. I give him an A+ in the area of personality.

Sharing our Fears either cripples US or Empowers us to Be..Do and HAVE!

By the time we arrived at my favorite craft coffee house, he shard with me that his grand daughter's other grandparents were afraid of connecting with her for fear that she would reject them because they have an accent. They are from Russia. It's easy to judge these people by saying, "Oh - that is ridiculous." However, our fears seem real to us until we learn how to face that fear and use that fear to fuel our desire to be FEARLESS. By the time I began to exit the trip, he shared with me the interesting folks he has the great pleasure of providing this much needed service with. He met a doctor who taught at The medical school at UCF. This doctor shared some of his same sentiments with regards to the medical system in our country. One of his eldest daughters is finally able to afford her own health insurance; which is a relief for him, because he no longer has to carry her. His daughter shared with him that she was AFRAID of whats happening with Trump Care; as it may greatly affect her being covered or being able to afford health insurance. As someone who hasn't had health insurance for over 12 years, I could relate, until I reminded myself that I don't live in a space of Fear. I do however, live in a space of responsibility, productiveness and preventative measures. I shared with my Uber driver; that while I understand his daughter's concern. However, to not allow her concern to turn into fear; which then can immobilize her. Sometimes the answer is to simply make more money.


HOW are you using your FEAR to Fuel your Dreams and Desires?

This conversation was simply another sign as to WHY It's important for me to create wealth, freedom and flexibility in my own life; so that the cost of health insurance doesn't determine a need to work for a company; simply because they offer benefits. This conversation gave me that extra push I needed this morning to get myself into this chair at my favorite coffee house, Vesp, and design the life of MY choosing. 


Yahollywoodfitnessgotogurl- Fee King


Yahollywoodfitnessgotogurl- Fee King

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