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Most of US aren't able to work at our DREAM Jobs


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If I shared my dreams with you; would it be considered bragging?

My Uber driver picked me up from my third toastmaster meetup-up since moving to Orlando, Fl. I committed myself to becoming a "Competent Communicator" via the Toastmaster methodology this year. It's something I've been putting off, because life in Los Angeles, Ca happened. The truth is, I got in the  way. I procrastinated. I put it off. I didn't prioritize my priorities and so here I am now - Living MY dream.

What I love about the Uber and Lyft experience, are the drivers. I find it to be an exciting and stimulating way to connect with people on a conscious level. As soon as I plop my behind in your car, your ear is mine and mine is yours. My driver shared with me that he was just about to call it a day before retrieving me. It was only 9:25 am and he had put in 3.5 hours driving. I asked if worked a full-time job. To that he responded, "Yes. "I am a manager of a restaurant." Well, "That's awfully vague I thought." Now I'm about to get nosey and all up in his business. "What restaurant do you manage?" I asked? "Panera Bread", he quips. "Oh, that place. "I've heard of it", I say. I then asked if he liked what he did. To that he replied with a slight pause, "Yeah. "Actually I do. "It has it's ups and downs, like any job. However, at the end of the day, I do like what I do." He then says, "Not everyone can work at their DREAM job." That got me to thinking. He's right. Not everyone who thinks they can't...can. If you think you can't work at your DREAM job or create your DREAM job; then you certainly can't and you certainly won't.

The tongue is powerful. Thoughts are powerful as well.

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." BY: Henry Ford

I couldn't help but disagree with him. I know people who are working at their DREAM jobs. I know people who are living their DREAMS. Is there life easy or perfect? No. However, it's possible when you believe. I want to live my DREAM job. I've done it before; so why not. When I head outdoors to the unknown that is Orlando to Run...PRAY...Heal - I am living my DREAM. When I check my website for prayer requests - I know that if you build it, they will come - is alive and well. I aspire to wake up everyday doing more of the things that make me tingle inside. The thing that makes my heart sing. I want to wake up and know that the thing (s) that I am doing, is going to make a difference in someone's life. And, we're NOT limited to one dream. We're ONLY limited by the limits we place on ourselves. I continue to DREAM a life of:

. Freedom . Expression . Creativity . Inclusion . Travel . Laughter . Abundance AND . Love

I know that ALL of these emotions and feelings will be satisfied; maybe not all at the same time, but they will - as I am clear on my WHY!

I will:

Run and Pray and affirm Health, Happiness and LOVE!

Perform my NAACP-nominated 1-woman show, AGAIN!

I will write another 1-woman show and perform it all over the country

I will write my memoir based on my 1-woman show

The world is my stage and platform and I shall dance upon it

What is Your DREAM? Have you given yourself permission to DREAM and to believe that your DREAM can and will come to fruition?

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