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Can Millenials and Generation X Get Fit and Fabulous TOGETHER?

Nothing Beats a FAILURE; But a TRY!

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Millenials VS Generation X'ers


I woke up a little bit before 7:00 am to check my cell phone; as I expected Claudio to cancel our outdoor callistenics workout session. After all, that's what people tend to do: Talk about it VS being about it. I checked my text messages and my facebook messenger and there were NO messages; so I showered, ate a spoon full of peanut butter, packed (2) bottles of alkaline water in my thermos-style water bottle; along with my BCAA's, hopped on my bike and took that nearly 3.5 mile bike ride to the UCF Campus's Lake Claire Park.

I met Claudio in my Toastmaster's Club meeting two weeks ago. He walked into the room and exuded:

. Confidence

. Ambition

. Focus

. Hunger for Knowledge

By the second meeting, he asked if he could speak to me about my health and fitness background. He shared with me his love of fitness and health. WOW! Okay. Like-minds. Claudio then invited me to workout with him and his some of his friends. Instead of being intimidated by the idea of working out with guys HALF my age; I looked at it as an opportunity to:

. Learn some things I didn't know

. Expand my Territory

. Grow

. Connect with like-minded people 

Millennials get such a BAD rap!

I'll be the first to admit that I don't always like being around younger people. They tend to text and talk too much. lol. They're always laughing. Lol. No. Seriously. They do. However, could it be that they have so much more to laugh and smile about; as opposed to the older generation being bogged down with work, career, family life, being cut off in traffic, divorce, marriage, college tuition, mortgages, yadah! yada! Since moving to Orlando, I've allowed myself to open up even more to the possibility.

When I was in my late 20's, I met an older Jewish man, who was studying the Kabbalah religion; who's premise was based on "Being Open To The Possibility." I THOUGHT I was (Open) to the possibility; however, to remain in this state of awareness, it takes:

. Effort

. Willingness

. Being Open

Workout out with 20-year olds

I will be taking some ibuprofen tonight. What I learned from this morning's experience is that Being out of shape or having a desire to get into BETTER shape is more of a preference and ones mind set. It has less to do with your age and more to do with your personal goals.

I was so impressed with both of Claudio's friends. One friend, has been working out with Claudio for a while; whereas, like me, it was his other friend's first time. This other friend gave the workout his all and as a result he ended up throwing up. That was so cool. That brought back my old personal training day memories. I remember being trained by my first personal trainer and then later on, my business partner, Nash, and throwing up at the UCLA track stairs. Those were the good ole days. I kept coming back because IT worked.

If Claudio and his crew will have me, I shall keep showing up to add more calisthenics into my current workout and runs. They say "The key to getting ahead is getting started"

I invite you to follow this new journey for all of us and see where it takes us. I'm expecting to see my abs return in the very near future. Stay Tuned!

Yahollywoodfitnessgotogurl - Fee King

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