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Life is a Box of Chocolate

You NEVER know what you are going to get!

I love surprises !

Ever since I could remember, I NEVER wanted to know the when, where, how or even the WHY; once I got past being a toddler I'm sure. Except for the time i asked my mother HOW I would know when I was in love. She told me, "You'll know Fylicia."You will just know." "But HOW?" I asked. She repeated the same. From that day forward, I prepared myself to be accepting of the unknown. Maybe that is why I became an actor. With acting, you never know when or IF you will ever get hired as a paid actor; nor how much those commercial residuals will be or how long they will last. But, I loved that adrenaline rush. My mother, on the other hand, hated surprises. She not only didn't like them for herself; but she often attempted to spoil these surprises for her children. Christmas eve, she just couldn't hold it in any longer. She would tell my sister and I most of what was under the tree. Now, there is no fun in that!! LOL

Uber or LYFT?

As a full grown adult woman, I still LOVE surprises. I have no idea where I will be living, what part of town, how much money I will be making, what city, state and country I will be traveling Run...PRAY and affirm Health and Happiness for and with; however, I know that it will be fabulous. Now that I am in Florida, my need to call upon a ride share driver, has become increasingly greater. However, I never know until I do eenie...meenie...miini-moe; as to if I will log into the Uber or the Lyft app. I like both services; however, I tend to gravitate towards Lyft, when I am not in a hurry; as there seems to be more Uber drivers in Orlando, than Lyft according to the streets. You know, the streets are talking. So, because I was leaving from a place and traveling home; I was in no hurry. I used my app to call upon Lyft. I also like the fact that I can leave a tip on the Lyft app; as I rarely carry cash. The app said that my driver (Name changed to protect the innocent) was Robert. A small circle with Robert's photo appeared and the make, model and color of his vehicle appeared. Within 4-5 minutes, the car pulled around and I hopped into the backseat behind the passenger seat as I always do. As per my usual way of being, I began striking up a conversation with Robert, until I realized that Robert was really Roberta...I think. All I know is Robert had on a dress, lipstick, their long hair pulled back into a pony tail and he/she wore glasses. I refer to Robert as he/she, because asking him seemed far less important, than helping guide him to my where I lived. For all I know, Robert could be an actor, who is on his way to or coming from an audition. Maybe he/she works at Disney. What threw me, was his photo. A photo of a man appeared in my app photo box. I am assuming that he is either transgendered or going through the process. I'm not sure which; however, it didn't matter. I was headed home and had a ride with a person that I felt comfortable with.

WHO am I to judge?

That's right! WHO am I to judge. If I don't want people to judge me for all sorts of reasons they could judge me for; then why would I judge this person. While sitting in the backseat of Robert's red prius, I suddenly became proud of myself. I didn't feel the need to text anyone about this experience, or God-forbid take a photo. I simply saw this man or woman, as a human being with the right to chose. I don't know if Robert was a male or female, nor do I care. The only issue I have is one that comes from the space of safety. While I love the concept of ride sharing; as I've blogged about this many times. As of late, there have been several accountings of violence happening to both passengers and drivers; therefore, I am extremely mindful and cautious. If a man is picking me up, I would like for him to look like the person in the photo or atlas similar. The same goes for a woman. Now, do I feel the need to alert Lyft to this conundrum? That is still out for deliberation. In the meantime, I am proud of myself; as I recognize my own growth.

Robert dropped me off, bid me farewell and sped off. I am still a fan of ride sharing and am grateful for the invention of Lyft and Uber.

I would love to hear your Uber, Lyft and if there is a ride-share app or program in your city or community. Send me your story and It might get featured on my runpryaheal blog page.

Bidding you love, light, tolerance and understanding

Fee King


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