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WHY Alkaline Water aids in FAT HOW Alkaline Water aids in FAT Loss!

Lose Body Fat and Hydrate your tissues, organs and cells!

WHY Alkaline Water?

WHO introduced me to alkaline Water: Series I

As a celebrity trainer, back in LA, I had the great honor and privilege of training: actress and living legend Ms. Marla Gibbs (The Jeffersons and 227) back in 2009. When I arrived at her home, she greeted me with an award winning smile and a soft genuineness, that quickly removed any fan fare that I might have had. She was laid back and down to the earth. However, she didn't play about her hydration. Within the first 10-15 minutes of our session, she would interrupt her reps by saying, "Oh honey, hold on a minute, I gots to get me some water." I recall chuckling and saying, "Ms. Marla - Jesus went days without water, surely WE can go a full 45-minutes to an hours training session without drinking water." She looked at me and replied, "Who is WE?" It was like being on the set of the 1970's hit show, "The Jeffersons." She excused herself to her kitchen to fill up a glass of water. Of course, I followed her into the kitchen, where I saw this stylish and modern looking box sitting on her kitchen counter, with a tube connected to it's faucet. She pushed a button on the box, it spoke as it proceeded to fill up her glass. OMG! "What is that?" I asked. She replied, "This water is life chief." Well shucks, "Can I have a glass of life please?"

What drinking a glass of life tastes like?

I asked her with that meant and she proceeded to explain to me all of the benefits of drinking this water were. One being:

. More Energy

I never drank from the tap and this was the first time, since moving to Los Angeles, Ca, that I had drank water that flowed from the faucet. When I visited Hollywood, Ca, back in 1995 - I immediately noticed people drank bottled water. So, I fell in suit. When I would visit people's home, they would pour me a glass of water, from a plastic bottle or jug of water. I assumed the tap water didn't taste good. So, I, too, began to drink water exclusively from bottles. I had NO idea that bottled water was the biggest marketing scam this country has ever seen. Stay tuned for more on that subject in a later series. I was instantly intrigue and wanted to know more.

Ms. Marla would allow me to fill up my plastic jug with her "Life Water" every time I would come to train her; which was three times a week. Within approximately two weeks of drinking this miracle water, I lost about (8) pounds and dropped a whole pant size. What The FREAK! Yes. That's what I said. All I knew, was that this was the ONLY water I would EVER drink. lol. It got to the point, where I would stop by Ms. Marla's house, on non-training days to get this water. The reason why I lost so much weight and so quickly, was simply elimination. I began having bowel movements on my own and sometimes twice a day. WhooHoo! I naturally am an energetic person; however, I have NEVER been regular. That was my BIGGEST issue to date, was having a bowel movement without the aid of either a:

. Correctal tablet

. Laxative

. Coffee and LOTS of cardio

All of that changed when I began drinking alkaline water. My abs were beginning to come through and my hormonal acne, completely cleared up. I was committed to this "Life Water."

Stay Tuned for Series II of this 10- part series conversation on HOW drinking alkaline water can Change/Improve your Health and my alkaline water journey!

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