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Ease is a GREATER Threat to Progress than Hardship! BY: Denzel Washington

"Fall down Seven times...get UP Eight!"

I'm moved to tears every time I listen and absorb this speech given by Denzel Washington, this year, at the NAACP Image Awards Ceremony.

When I was 17 years old, I told my mother I didn't want to move back to Omaha, Ne and that I want to stay in Denver, Co. I'd recently graduated from High School, in 1988, from Northwest High School in Omaha, Ne. I had no idea of my "HOW" or even my "WHAT"; however, I knew, deep in my heart, that it wasn't in Omaha, Ne.

My mother looked me square in my eye and she said, "Fylicia - you are my strongest child and I know you can do whatever you put your mind to." "I'm not worried about you at all." She wasn't saying that my sister wasn't strong; however, there were things that ONLY my mother knew I had endured in 17 short years, that gave her the confidence that I would be okay. There were things I witnessed her endure; coupled with her determination and faith and knowing that "The Fruit Don't Fall Too Far From The Tree" that gave me comfort in my times of hardship.

Almost 30 years later, whenever, I'm faced with a new challenge, obstacle, hurdle and roadblock, my mind takes me back to that day, in that restroom, in Denver, Co. I can hear my mother's voice and see her face, as clear today, as I did then. And when I feel as if no one is on my side - I know that she was and she still is. I also know that God is on my side. If God is for me; let no man be against me.

As much as I want people, both strangers and friends and family, to jump for joy when I shared with them my calling for Run..PRAY..Heal - I have to know that no one will be as passionate, committed, excited and understand my need to be of service in this way; the way that I do. I am reminded to not rely upon the excitement of others for what God has been calling me to do.  This movement is so much bigger than me, that the FEAR of the unknown temporarily cripples me daily; but I do it anyway.  When  I think I can't run another block - I pray and focus harder and I run another twelve blocks. When I think I can't sit and meditate a minute longer - I focus and I stay the course.  When I think I can't send another email or post another request for "Ambassadors of Change" - I let go of my ego and I muster up the strength to press send.

I am moved to tears every time I hear Denzel Washington recite that quote, "Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship." I know, like many of you know, first hand that anything worth having is worth working hard for. We may get frustrated, even mad and some days cry. And when we've fallen seven times and gotten up eight - is when our hard and consistent work will be rewarded.

Fee King - Yahollywoodfitnessgotogurl 

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